Unleash business-ready data to your data citizens

By IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub in IBM, Watson, Cloud Pak for Data

How much time do your data scientists and business analysts spend looking for the right data? How much time do they spend preparing data? And how much time is wasted because they don’t know how trustworthy the data they find is; they find several people have unknowingly spent time looking for the same data; or they analyse trends in the business, only to find the data is not reliable? And how do you prevent sensitive data being inadvertently viewed by unauthorised data citizens—potentially causing a breach of data privacy regulations with major financial consequences?

In the same way that a library helps you to organise, discover and trust your reading material, IBM Cloud Pack for Data can provide oversight on how data is managed, and applies centralized, business-focused meaning for the multitude of data sources that can be tapped into to drive business results. This capability goes even further with IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog Professional, which is available as premium add-on.

Watson Knowledge Catalog Professional for IBM Cloud Pak for Data extends the library shelves of data governance to add powerful features for your data citizens:

  • Add doors to your library. Define policies that control access to data easily, defining business rules to identify what needs to be restricted or masked—without having to explicitly call out which data assets the rules apply to
  • Give appropriate users keys to those doors. Allow users to comfortably explore data assets, knowing that they will be protected from seeing what they should not see— within a data set, allowing full access to appropriate columns, restricting others, or denying access completely based on their personas
  • Provide color and context to your library contents. Auto-suggested visualizations help you explore data, providing easily consumable knowledge of the data that is available. Data asset lineage capabilities helps the data citizen to understand the data better and use it with confidence and trust
  • Create appropriate copies of the most interesting finds. Refine the data sets you want to use, taking advantage of many powerful operations on the data to subset or derive new data assets from those in your data catalog. In turn, these assets can be shared with other users of the catalog, benefitting from collaboration on the central platform catalog

Watson Knowledge Catalog Professional for IBM Cloud Pak for Data is the differentiator in unleashing your business-ready data to your data citizens—driving digital business to financial success, while providing guard rails for safe data discovery. Your data citizens can now spend their time in analyzing the data rather than preparing or finding it.

Read this brochure or watch this webinar to learn more about the premium add-ons that are available to help you deliver business-ready data to your data citizens.