By Laxmi Parida, Gad Getz, and Ryan Corcoran in WatsonStudio, AI, Watson Assistant, Watson Discover, TM1

Helping to Untangle Cancer Drug Resistance with Data

Why do targeted cancer therapies often fail? We have acquired so much more understanding about cancer in the last fifty years than in the last five...

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By Seth Dobrin, Vice President and Chief Data Officer, Analytics, IBM in CloudPakforData, WatsonStudio, AI

Setting an AI Strategy to Unlock the Value of Your Data

It’s been said that data is the most valuable resource on the planet. But most companies aren’t getting the maximum value out of their data. If you look...

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By IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub in CloudPakforData, AutoAI, WatsonStudio, ModelOps

AutoAI: Synchronize ModelOps and DevOps to Drive Digital Transformation

Portfolio Lead, Watson Studio Data and AI, Cloud, IBM
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