By Kelly Nuckolls in IBM, Partnerships

Announcing Grandview as an IBM Gold Business Partner, specializing in Data Science & Business Analytics

IBM is one of the most recognized names in the global technology industry. As a leader in key markets including cloud solutions, server and storage...

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By CFO in Managed Reporting, Partnerships

The Two-Step Process for Achieving Agility

The marketplace rewards agility. Likewise, it punishes companies that are too slow and myopic to see what’s coming and to act before they suffer...

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By Kelly Nuckolls in IBM, Expertise, Partnerships

Unleash the power of data with a modern data strategy

by Dan Sutherland (Distinguished Engineer & CTO - Data Platforms, IBM)
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By Kelly Nuckolls in Artificial Intelligence (AI), IBM, Partnerships

How to Scale the AI ladder: Watch these enterprises

by Daniel Hernandez  (VP, Offering Management, Analytics, IBM)

New innovations go through an evolution of dismissal, avoidance, fear and finally...

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By Kelly Nuckolls in IBM, Partnerships, Planning Analytics

Dispelling the myths: IBM’s ongoing investment in IBM Planning Analytics, powered by IBM TM1

by Greg Adams Vice President Development and Distinguished Engineer IBM Business Analytics

A few competitors are trying to sow doubt about IBM’s...

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By Kelly Nuckolls in Motio, Partnerships

Product Spotlight on Motio Soterre: Version Control & Deployment for Cognos TM1 & Planning Analytics

Motio's Soterre product was conceptualized by, well, you! After constantly being asked, “Hey, can you make MotioCI but for TM1/Planning Analytics?” we...

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