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Amid Data Deluge, Judgment Still Makes the Difference

Gartner’s well-known hype cycle applies to many new technologies, it seems. An initial period of inflated expectations gives way to a deep “trough of...

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By CFO in Managed Reporting, Partnerships

The Two-Step Process for Achieving Agility

The marketplace rewards agility. Likewise, it punishes companies that are too slow and myopic to see what’s coming and to act before they suffer serious...

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By Kelly Nuckolls in IBM, Managed Reporting, Business Analytics, Cognos Analytics, Expertise

Create an Automated Connection between Cognos Analytics, Adobe Acrobat & Microsoft PPT

Powered by your FP&A organization’s latest forecasts, plans and actuals, the Board Book Accelerator for Cognos Analytics by Grandview supports an...

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By Kelly Nuckolls in Managed Reporting, Workforce Planning

Can you recover from static planning by 2020?

Content by Rob Hull, Adaptive Insights

Scramble like hell to pull together a budget. Execute against that budget regardless of changes in the business....

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