By InformationWeek in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Expertise

Make Artificial Intelligence Work for Your Business Needs

Enterprises spanning virtually all industries and markets are jumping onto the artificial intelligence bandwagon. Yet as they climb on board for a ride...

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By CIO in Business Analytics, Expertise, Digital Transformation

Redesigning business processes for digital success

A British utility had a customer service problem: Customers who questioned their bills had to navigate a tedious process to handle the complaint. They had...

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By CIO in Business Analytics, Expertise

6 data analytics success stories: An inside look

If data is the new oil, then knowing how to refine it into actionable intelligence is the key to unleashing its potential, elevating IT leaders to rock...

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By CIO in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Expertise

8 technologies that will disrupt business in 2020

Technology’s pace of change has had a profound impact across nearly every industry. These days it’s not enough to keep atop of emerging technologies but...

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By CFO in Managed Reporting, Expertise, Financial Planning

Amid Data Deluge, Judgment Still Makes the Difference

Gartner’s well-known hype cycle applies to many new technologies, it seems. An initial period of inflated expectations gives way to a deep “trough of...

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By CFO in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Watson, Expertise

Five Ways CFOs Can Use AI — Today

There’s been plenty of hype over artificial intelligence, no question. But there are highly practical ways that CFOs can use AI right now to bring new...

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By Kelly Nuckolls in IBM, Expertise, Partnerships

Unleash the power of data with a modern data strategy

by Dan Sutherland (Distinguished Engineer & CTO - Data Platforms, IBM)
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By Kelly Nuckolls in IBM, Managed Reporting, Business Analytics, Cognos Analytics, Expertise

Create an Automated Connection between Cognos Analytics, Adobe Acrobat & Microsoft PPT

Powered by your FP&A organization’s latest forecasts, plans and actuals, the Board Book Accelerator for Cognos Analytics by Grandview supports an...

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By Kelly Nuckolls in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Expertise

CFOs could benefit from digital technologies in finance

By Linda Rosencrance (TechTarget Contributor)

Several emerging technologies that are transforming all of IT and the business, including analytics, AI,...

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By Kelly Nuckolls in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Analytics, Expertise, Financial Planning

Streamline Planning, Budgeting & Analysis for the Biotech & Pharmacuetical Industry

Biotech and pharmaceutical organizations are operating in an era of significant transformation, with shifting healthcare and FDA regulations, constant...

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