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IBM Takes Cognos to the SMB with Low Price Points, Ease-of-Use Features

IBM recently released a new, updated version of IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud, equipped with a host of new ease-of-use features and a low price point,...

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The hot market for data science and analytics

Organizational leadership across all sectors are learning how vital data can be to business growth and profitability. CIO’s are often first tasked with...

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Advancements in streaming data storage, real-time analysis and machine learning

It’s no surprise:  most companies working with stream data today say they are planning to make changes to drive greater value. Advancements in machine...

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Cloud Pak for Data System drives positive out-of-the-box AI experience

Today, IBM announced bold new moves that transform our software portfolio to be cloud-native and delivered as pre-integrated solutions called IBM...

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Create an Automated Connection between Cognos Analytics, Adobe Acrobat & Microsoft PPT

Powered by your FP&A organization’s latest forecasts, plans and actuals, the Board Book Accelerator for Cognos Analytics by Grandview supports an...

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Streamline Planning, Budgeting & Analysis for the Biotech & Pharmacuetical Industry

Biotech and pharmaceutical organizations are operating in an era of significant transformation, with shifting healthcare and FDA regulations, constant...

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