By Julianna Delua, Portfolio Lead, Watson Studio Data and AI, Cloud, IBM in Artificial Intelligence (AI), DataScience, Analytics

Discover patterns and prescribe actions on a multicloud data and AI platform

Innovation and adaptability are more vital than ever. Our ability to discover new insights, examine patterns and build hypotheses continuously helps us...
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By Sherry Wynn, Content Marketing Manager, IBM Data Science and AI, IBM in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Analytics, Machine Learning, DataScience

AI everywhere: Modern predictive analytics

It wasn’t that long ago that artificial intelligence seemed like science fiction – but AI continues to reshape business. 

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By Sriram Raghavan VP, IBM Research AI in Artificial Intelligence (AI), IBM, IBMPartner

2020 AI Predictions from IBM Research

The field of artificial intelligence (AI) experienced tremendous scientific advances in the last few years, from vast improvements in processing power and...

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By Harvard Business Review in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Analytics, Digital Transformation, Machine Learning

Most Analytics Projects Don’t Require Much Data

In their headlong rush into advanced data science, big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, too many companies have ignored “small data.”...

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By IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub in Artificial Intelligence (AI), IBM

Extracting the lifeblood of AI at ExxonMobil from the IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub

“Data is the new oil.” The quote goes back to 2006, credited to mathematician Clive Humby. Gartner’s Peter Sondergaard took it a step further, calling...

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By InformationWeek in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Expertise

Make Artificial Intelligence Work for Your Business Needs

Enterprises spanning virtually all industries and markets are jumping onto the artificial intelligence bandwagon. Yet as they climb on board for a ride...

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By CIO in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Analytics

Explainable AI: Bringing trust to business AI adoption

When it comes to making use of AI and machine learning, trust in results is key. Many organizations, in particular those in regulated industries, can be...

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By IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub in Artificial Intelligence (AI), IBM

Being human in the age of AI

Will AI take over the world? Or, more to the point, will it take over the humankind? It seems to have invaded the public consciousness, sparking concerns...

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By CIO in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital Transformation, Machine Learning

6 tools that make machine learning easier

The words “machine learning” have been imbued with an almost magical aura. Ordinary people don’t teach machines to learn. That’s for highly specialized...

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By Network World in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Data center-specific AI completes tasks twice as fast

Data centers running artificial intelligence (AI) will be significantly more efficient than those operating with hand-edited algorithm schedules, say...

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