By Clarinda Mascarenhas, Offering Manager, Cloud Pak for Data, IBM in Cloud Pak for Data, AI, Analtytics, RedHatOpenShift

Save on infrastructure and operational costs with IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Modern Data and AI application deployments are expanding through open source containers and hybrid multi-cloud support, but how can you achieve the...
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By Manish Bhide Chief Architect, IBM Watson OpenScale in AI, Analtytics, IBMWatson, opensource

Comparing IBM Watson OpenScale to open source on AI explainability

IBM Watson OpenScale helps organizations detect and correct AI model bias and drift, explain AI outcomes, monitor model accuracy, analyze payloads, and...

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By Julie Lockner, Portfolio Optimization and Offering Management Director, IBM in DataOps, Analtytics, Governance

What is DataOps?

Most businesses collect data but are unable to use it to generate business value or deliver insights in a timely fashion. Data volume and data types...

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