By Clarinda Mascarenhas, Offering Manager, Cloud Pak for Data, IBM in Cloud Pak for Data, AI, Analtytics, RedHatOpenShift

Save on infrastructure and operational costs with IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Modern Data and AI application deployments are expanding through open source containers and hybrid multi-cloud support, but how can you achieve the...
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By Hemanth Manda, Director of offering management at IBM Analytics, IBM in Cloud Pak for Data, AI, data

Manage enterprise data at scale with IBM Cloud Pak for Data 3.0

Data is the fuel, cloud is the vehicle, AI is the destination. The intersection of these three pillars of IT has been the focus of IBM. Through the launch...

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By Manish Bhide Chief Architect, IBM Watson OpenScale in AI, Analtytics, IBMWatson, opensource

Comparing IBM Watson OpenScale to open source on AI explainability

IBM Watson OpenScale helps organizations detect and correct AI model bias and drift, explain AI outcomes, monitor model accuracy, analyze payloads, and...

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By Jenney Vangritis, Senior Manager, Marketing, Grandview in Business Analytics, AI, PlanningAnalytics, BigData, CorporatePerformanceManagement

Grandview Recognized as Top 10 CPM Consulting/Service Company

Grandview is proud to share that we have been named one of the Top 10 Corporate Performance Management Consulting/Service Companies in 2020 by CFO Tech...

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By Linton Ward, Author at IBM IT Infrastructure Blog in AI

4 Ways AI analytics projects fail and how to succeed

“How do I de-risk my AI-driven analytics projects?” This is a common question for organizations ready to modernize their analytics portfolio. Here are...

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By Laxmi Parida, Gad Getz, and Ryan Corcoran in WatsonStudio, AI, Watson Assistant, Watson Discover, TM1

Helping to Untangle Cancer Drug Resistance with Data

Why do targeted cancer therapies often fail? We have acquired so much more understanding about cancer in the last fifty years than in the last five...

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By Seth Dobrin, Vice President and Chief Data Officer, Analytics, IBM in CloudPakforData, WatsonStudio, AI

Setting an AI Strategy to Unlock the Value of Your Data

It’s been said that data is the most valuable resource on the planet. But most companies aren’t getting the maximum value out of their data. If you look...

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