Product Spotlight on Motio Soterre: Version Control & Deployment for Cognos TM1 & Planning Analytics

By Kelly Nuckolls in Motio, Partnerships

Motio's Soterre product was conceptualized by, well, you! After constantly being asked, “Hey, can you make MotioCI but for TM1/Planning Analytics?” we knew something had to be done.

If you aren’t familiar with MotioCI, the highlights include version control and automated deployments for Cognos BI. This has saved countless hours for our customers each week by better managing their BI workloads. It has also improved the management of their Cognos environment and helped to reduce stress in their Cognos community.

But why should Cognos BI users get all the fun? We learned that the deployment process in TM1 is not easy or quick:

  • Users have to restart TM1/Planning Analytics each time they want to move content, which disturbs all of their end users. And as you know, a restart can take quite a bit of time!
  • Changes must be manually recorded from Development to replicate them in Production, which lends itself to human error and takes twice the amount of time. Plus, heading into the office shouldn’t be a trust exercise in that all of your teammates are properly capturing all of their changes.
  • The transfer component of Performance Modeler inserts extra code, which you really don’t have time to delete.

Each year, financial departments spend considerable corporate revenue on their budget creation (even though the best practice is just 28 days!) Two of the biggest reasons why budget & planning stakeholders hate the planning process are that it takes too long and it’s cast in stone despite business conditions constantly changing. If we can make the management of the platform easier and less expensive, it becomes a win for finance and all business managers who must follow suit. Soterre solves these challenges by:

  • Allowing you to apply changes more quickly through more agile development, with a full audit trail of those changes.
  • Recovering any mistakes that are made using Soterre's automatic version control, and spending less time doing so.
  • Giving full insight into the root cause of the problem with a comparison of changes highlighting the differences between each object.

Posted by Lisa Zavetz on Tue, Apr 09, 2019