Planning with agility in today’s volatile market while simultaneously saving cost

By Dan Cheuvront Content Producer, IBM in TM1, IBM Planning Analytics

In these uncertain times, organizations need the ability to adjust their plans and forecasts in real time to address changing demands and maintain business continuity. Lengthy, labor-intensive, siloed planning processes, often the result of using spreadsheets or sub-par planning software, are too costly for today’s businesses. As the situation becomes more complex, organizations need to adopt solutions that create more intelligent workflows (increasing efficiencies and accuracy) and produce reliable plans and forecasts while alleviating stress on business operations.

Agile planning for acceleration and efficiency

Is your planning solution helping you cut time and manual labor? Or are you stuck in manual, error-prone planning processes? It is now business-critical to automate data collection and aggregation and unify financial and operational planning processes. By synchronized planning across the organization, stakeholders gain a comprehensive view of business performance – driving higher accuracy and ensuring plans are aligned. End-to-end planning solutions help eliminate the pitfalls of siloed business planning, which can drive costly errors from reconciling disparate plans, not to mention wasted time. Businesses reduce the risk of error by unifying data across the organization to create a single source of truth and leverage real-time data refreshes to work with latest numbers – preventing the use of inaccurate data leading to misinformed decisions.

All the capabilities you need – built in

To alleviate the pressure of today’s rapidly changing business environment, IBM Planning Analytics powered by TM1 provides the integrated planning you need with all-new single seat licenses that let you start small and grow big. Known as IBM Planning Analytics On Demand, this tier is a more affordable self-service solution hosted on the IBM Cloud. Ideal for small to medium-sized organizations, and a direct upgrade from the Trial Edition.

This dynamic AI-infused planning solution allows you to make better decisions with increased agility by automating and streamlining the planning process. Planning Analytics helps you steer your organization through murky waters with added confidence by allowing you to test scenarios and see the impact of your decisions before making them.

But regardless of the decisions you make, Planning Analytics gives you the flexibility to change course and easily adjust plans with the click of a button. Unlike other planning solutions on the market, all the analytics capabilities you need are built in. There’s no need to purchase any additional solutions or export data – which can add costs, time and vulnerability. Plus, IBM’s solution can flex and scale to meet your needs so even with the most complex data requirements, you can implement Planning Analytics without changes to your existing processes.

At a time like this, it is paramount that your performance management solutions are not only empowering you to make the best decisions possible, but are also helping you drive efficiency. With IBM Planning Analytics, you can have the confidence you need to do business in the modern era.

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