By CIO in Digital Transformation

The rise of the chief digital officer

The C-suite is growing increasingly crowded as organizations are bringing in a variety of new roles, including chief digital officers, who often work...

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By IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub in Events, IBM

Discover how to infuse analytics into your business at the Data and AI Forum 2019

The event formerly known as IBM Analytics University is happening again this fall. Join us at the Data and AI Forum on October 21–24 in Miami,...

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By IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub in IBM, Watson, Cloud Pak for Data

Unleash business-ready data to your data citizens

How much time do your data scientists and business analysts spend looking for the right data? How much time do they spend preparing data? And how much...

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By CIO in Business Analytics, Expertise

6 data analytics success stories: An inside look

If data is the new oil, then knowing how to refine it into actionable intelligence is the key to unleashing its potential, elevating IT leaders to rock...

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By CIO in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Expertise

8 technologies that will disrupt business in 2020

Technology’s pace of change has had a profound impact across nearly every industry. These days it’s not enough to keep atop of emerging technologies...

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By IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub in IBM, Red Hat, Watson, Cloud Pak for Data

How IBM Cloud Pak for Data System delivers rapid value to data-driven businesses

On the heels of the announcement of IBM Cloud Paks, we just introduced IBM Cloud Pak for Data System, a hyperconverged system for the IBM data and AI...

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By Kelly Nuckolls in Events, IBM, Watson, Cognos Analytics, Planning Analytics

IBM’s Data and AI Forum 2019: What’s in store for attendees

In the current landscape, it’s no secret that data and artificial intelligence have crossed over from buzzword status and are now being leveraged by...

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By IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub in IBM, Watson, Cloud Pak for Data

Cloud Pak for Data on Red Hat OpenShift: The best of both worlds

The recent $34 billion acquisition of Red Hat by IBM has been touted widely as a game-changer. Having been an integral part of many acquisitions at...

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By IBM Business Analytics Blog in IBM, Business Analytics, Cognos Analytics

IBM Takes Cognos to the SMB with Low Price Points, Ease-of-Use Features

IBM recently released a new, updated version of IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud, equipped with a host of new ease-of-use features and a low price point,...

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By CIO in IBM, Business Analytics

The hot market for data science and analytics

Organizational leadership across all sectors are learning how vital data can be to business growth and profitability. CIO’s are often first tasked with...

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