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5 reasons you should be at the IBM Data and AI Forum in Miami this October

Look, we get it. Autumn is busy. You’re probably going to be carving pumpkins, making hot cider and putting extra blankets on the bed to stay warm.


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Being human in the age of AI

Will AI take over the world? Or, more to the point, will it take over the humankind? It seems to have invaded the public consciousness, sparking...

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Redesigning business processes for digital success

A British utility had a customer service problem: Customers who questioned their bills had to navigate a tedious process to handle the complaint. They...

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By Kelly Nuckolls in IBM, Red Hat, Business Analytics, Cloud Pak for Data

How IBM Cloud Pak for Data unifies & streamlines data analytics

To say that big data and its related analysis is a top priority for today’s enterprises would be a considerable understatement. Data is critical to...

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By CIO in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital Transformation, Machine Learning

6 tools that make machine learning easier

The words “machine learning” have been imbued with an almost magical aura. Ordinary people don’t teach machines to learn. That’s for highly specialized...

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By Kelly Nuckolls in IBM, Partnerships

Announcing Grandview as an IBM Gold Business Partner, specializing in Data Science & Business Analytics

IBM is one of the most recognized names in the global technology industry. As a leader in key markets including cloud solutions, server and storage...

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Semi-supervised learning explained

In his 2017 Amazon shareholder letter, Jeff Bezos wrote something interesting about Alexa, Amazon’s voice-driven intelligent assistant:

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By Kelly Nuckolls in IBM, Business Analytics, Financial Planning, Planning Analytics

On September 30, 2019, IBM will end its support for Cognos TM1 10.2.2.

If you are still on a version of IBM Cognos TM1, it is time to plan your upgrade to its rebranded successor, IBM Planning Analytics.

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An Intuitive Clean Out: How Organizing Photos Relates to a Cognos Upgrade

I got a notification on my phone that my storage space was running “dangerously low.” My initial thought was, “wow, what a pain.” I was not looking...

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By Network World in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Data center-specific AI completes tasks twice as fast

Data centers running artificial intelligence (AI) will be significantly more efficient than those operating with hand-edited algorithm schedules, say...

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