July Event Recap: Grandview hosts a Taste of Analytics in both Birmingham and Raleigh

By Kelly Nuckolls in Events, IBM, Planning Analytics

Some discussions are simply better with an expertly blended glass of wine or award-winning beer in hand. This is the approach our Grandview team recently took with our Taste of Analytics events in Birmingham and Raleigh.  

Both events included spirited conversations focusing on the advantages of Planning Analytics, and the ways in which the IBM Planning Analytics platform can support speed, agility and foresight within today’s enterprises. As a leading IBM partner, our Grandview experts were uniquely positioned to host the events. 

In case you were unable to join us in person, we’ve put together this handy recap of our Birmingham and Raleigh events. So grab a glass of your favorite wine or pour that perfect pint and settle in as we go over all the happenings of our Taste of Analytics event series. 

Taste of Analytics: Taking on Birmingham with a wine tasting 

The first of our two events took place in Birmingham, Alabama, on July 23 at the famed Grand Bohemian Hotel - Mountain Brook. The beautifully unique location lent a sense of mystique and intrigue to our Taste of Analytics event. In addition to discussing the IBM Planning Analytics platform, powered by IBM and Grandview, event attendees were also treated to the Grand Bohemian Hotel’s Wine Blending class, covering history, tasting and expert tips for creating the ideal wine blend. 

During the event, speaker Jim Collins took the stage and shared his expertise through his Performance Management Strategy Executive role within IBM Business Analytics Group North America region. Given his in-depth knowledge and understanding of IBM’s Performance Management solutions, Collins expertly informed event attendees about the capabilities of IBM Planning Analytics, supported by IBM Cognos TM1. Collins was joined by our own Kelly Nuckolls, Grandview Marketing & Sales Operations Vice President, as well as Rusty Pennington, Grandview Partner & CFO. Together, they discussed analytics advantages including the ability to automate planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysis of key financial data through IBM Planning Analytics. Such capabilities represent a critical differentiator in today’s data, metrics and analytics-focused landscape. 

While Collins’ presentation was surely a hit, attendees also thoroughly enjoyed blending their own custom wines through the hotel’s 90-minute class. Hosted by top professionals in the winemaking industry, event participants were able to experiment with different blends, most of which included the crowd favorite Cabernet Sauvignon as their base. At the end of the class, everyone was able to take a bottle of their own, uniquely blended wine, that also included a custom wine name and label. 

Enjoying a brew at the Trophy Tap & Table in Raleigh 

On July 24, our Grandview team took to Raleigh, North Carolina’s Trophy Brewing Tap and Table to host the second of our Taste of Analytics events. This gathering also focused on IBM Planning Analytics, and the key ways in which Grandview and IBM can support brand differentiation through critical data analytics. This time, however, event attendees were treated to a unique menu of local brews, alongside homemade BBQ chips and pimento cheese sandwiches. 

Thanks to the unseasonably cool weather at the end of July, the event saw a considerable turnout at the Tap and Table bar. Participants tasted brews like Trophy Husband, Trophy Wife and Cloud Surfer IPA, as IBM’s Jim Collins hosted an analytics-focused presentation alongside Grandview’s Nuckolls and Pennington. Grandview’s Steve Johnson, Rochelyn Ry and Daniella Santos also participated in the presentation, and discussed the ways in which automatic insights through expert analytics could enable organizations to remain competitive in their fields and support industry agility.

IBM Planning Analytics: Speed, agility and foresight 

As they sipped Trophy Brewing Company favorites in Raleigh, or custom wine blends in Birmingham, event participants learned more about: 

  • How Planning Analytics can speed up working cycles, improve employee productivity and support the business as it adapts to changes in its overarching marketplace. 
  • The ways in which Planning Analytics can highlight parallels between the business’s operational strategy and current dynamic financial planning models to drive critical improvements. 
  • How IBM Cognos can eliminate ease-of-use issues and enable powerful, scalable and flexible analytics capabilities in a cloud-based solution. 
  • The speed advantages of analytics, including using IBM solutions to streamline analytics models and enable efficient adaptations based on real-time data. 
  • The agility benefits of analytics, and how users can leverage IBM Cognos-powered Planning Analytics to quickly find data-backed answers to top decision-making queries. 
  • How Planning Analytics can support improved foresight and provide stakeholders with the clearest picture through predictive analytics. 

Overall, those in attendance enjoyed a spirited presentation demonstrating the differentiating advantages of analytics and the top strategies for leveraging IBM Planning Analytics to support financial decision-making. 

As a strategic IBM partner and solution provider, our Grandview team members had the unique expertise and knowledge to highlight the most impactful benefits of IBM Cognos and IBM Planning Analytics. All the while, event participants sipped on some fantastically hand-crafted beverages. 

Check back in to learn about future events, and join us for our next presentation!