Join us July 31st for Plan to Win at Topgolf in Greenville (Hosted by Grandview & Adaptive Insights)

By Kelly Nuckolls in Events, Adaptive Insights

With the current atmosphere of rapid change and uncertainty, being able to accurately forecast has gained huge currency for business leaders. Streamlining the planning process to become more responsive to change is vital. Enabling a single source of truth with integrated planning, analytics, and reporting is key to driving growth and optimizing performance.

“Whether they know it or not, many organizations stand at a cliff-edge. In today’s fast-paced business climate, they need to be able to move quickly or they’ll be left behind,” said Tom Bogan, executive vice president, Planning Business Unit, Workday. “Business agility is really about having the right controls to properly manage and measure flexibility, and most of that comes down to how you plan.”

Join Grandview and Adaptive Insights on July 31st at Topgolf Greenville for a networking discussion exploring the future of planning, budgeting and forecasting. Among the key discussion themes:

  • Static planning: Limitations of legacy planning processes
  • Active planning: A new model for agility in the age of urgency
  • Company-wide planning: Extending planning beyond finance for holistic planning
  • Impacts of AI and machine learning: The impact of what-if scenarios and prediction machines on planning

Topgolf is a game anyone can play, no matter your skill level! RSVP for this interactive networking event… and plan to win!

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