IBM’s Data and AI Forum 2019: What’s in store for attendees

By Kelly Nuckolls in Events, IBM, Watson, Cognos Analytics, Planning Analytics

In the current landscape, it’s no secret that data and artificial intelligence have crossed over from buzzword status and are now being leveraged by businesses to truly make an impact. Everything from business strategy to your next product offering can be informed by your available data, and advancements in AI solutions have made analysis quicker and more streamlined than ever before. 

However, every company is different when it comes to their AI and data analytics goals, and many are at very different places in their advancement journeys. Attending IBM’s Data and AI Forum 2019 could be just the thing your team needs to take your data and AI strategy to the next level. 

As an IBM Business Partner and Silver Sponsor of the IBM Data and AI Forum, our Grandview team is in a unique position to offer you an in-depth sneak peek of the event, as well as $200 savings off your registration fee! 

Let’s check out what’s in store for attendees to this years’ IBM Data and AI Forum, and how you can join us in Miami from October 21-24 at the InterContinental Miami Hotel. 

At the forum: Event tracks & session types 

In a previous blog post, we explored some of the tentative agenda items spanning the conference’s four days. Now that things have been built out a little more, we can take a look at the experiences and tracks that attendees can choose from. This is one of the biggest advantages of attending an event like IBM’s Data and AI Forum — you can pick and choose from the tracks and session types that will best inform you and your business and provide the most value. 

Currently, attendees can choose from five options for their event experience, depending on their role and the key areas of study they’d like to explore: 

  1. Modernize: This track is aimed at executives, business analysts and general business users, and focuses on bringing out the key value of your data through AI solutions and the cloud. Those who select this track will learn about IBM’s Cloud Pak for Data, and the ways in which this solution can benefit their cloud, data and AI initiatives. 
  2. Collect: This track is best for IT personnel and data architects, and centers around the top strategies for simplifying data access and availability. Event attendees who choose the Collect track will also explore how products like the IBM Db2 family of solutions, alongside MongoDB and Hadoop or Cloudera, can support data collection and access. 
  3. Organize: This track will delve into best practices for organizing available data, as well as the strategies and processes required to create a business-ready analytics foundation. This track is recommended for those in roles like chief data officer, chief analytics officer, chief marketing officer, data architect and data engineer. Within the Organize track, attendees will also learn more about the advantages of the IBM InfoSphere family of products and IBM’s Watson Knowledge Catalog. 
  4. Analyze: For those a bit farther along in their data and AI journey, there’s the Analyze track, which explores the key solutions and initiatives in building out AI projects and scaling. This track also incorporates the importance of trust and transparency with AI and data. Analyze is best for those in a data science manager, data analyst, business analyst or business user role. This track also delves into products including the IBM Watson Studio, IBM Watson Machine Learning, IBM Watson Open Scale, IBM Decision Optimization and IBM SPSS. 
  5. Infuse: Finally, there is the Infuse track, which is best for line-of-business leaders, IT and business intelligence administrators, business analysts and business users. Activities within this track help illuminate the ways in which businesses can improve their operations through AI, supported by solutions like IBM Cognos Analytics, IBM Planning Analytics, IBM Watson Assistant, IBM Watson Discovery and Digital Business Automation. 

Depending upon the event track that attendees choose, they can attend different styles of events that align with their journey and inform their data and AI goals. These include: 

    • Best practices and industry stories, encompassing IBM’s own use cases, or those from their partners (like Grandview) or top customers. 
    • Technical deep dives, or breakout sessions that explore AI and data concepts in more in-depth ways. 
    • Analytics experts sessions led by industry-leading analysts and subject matter experts from outside of IBM, including Gartner, Forrester and IDC. 
    • Hands-on training sessions like demonstrations, labs and actual certifications. 

The IBM Data and AI Forum offers something for everyone, no matter your level of expertise or where your business is on the road to data analysis and AI advancement. 

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This year’s Data and AI Forum will take place from October 21-24 at the Intercontinental Miami Hotel. As an IBM Business Partner and Silver Sponsor, our Grandview team will be at the forum, and we encourage you to stop by our booth to talk all things Planning Analytics and Cognos. 

Register for the 2019 Data and Ai Forum

In the meantime, you can prepare by taking advantage of our $200 savings offer for your registration fee. Simply follow the link and register for the IBM Data and AI Forum today. We look forward to seeing you in Florida this fall!