IBM Takes Cognos to the SMB with Low Price Points, Ease-of-Use Features

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IBM recently released a new, updated version of IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud, equipped with a host of new ease-of-use features and a low price point, all designed to extend the enterprise-grade business analytics suite to small and medium-sized businesses – organizations often with the same business challenges as large companies, but without the budgets or expertise.

For starters, we looked at the entry point – pricing. Cognos Analytics version 11.1.3 is offered in three distinct tiers, beginning at $15/user per month for the Standard Edition, $35/user per month for the Plus Edition, and $70/ user per month for the Premium Edition. All editions are available on the IBM Marketplace and can be purchased directly from the site and used via the cloud. In addition to the tiered pricing, users can combine any of the three tiers to create customized environments where everyone has the access they need to perform their specific job functions.

Next, we designed 11.1.3 to make it easy for non-specialist users to take advantage of self-service business analyticsCognos’ AI Assistant feature has also been enhanced. It will provide type ahead suggestions, understand qualifiers such as averages, and identify the best or worst performers for example, the top five sales representatives for the quarter. In addition, users can also now ask the AI Assistant to generate a dashboard which will create a three-tabbed dashboard based on the three measures it determines to be the most important.

Cognos Analytics Dashboards have proven highly impactful for businesses. “The integration of Dashboards into our financial analysis has been key in evaluating the performance of our real estate assets,” said Zack Levine, Portfolio Management Analyst, Ziff Properties Inc. “Cognos Analytics on Cloud provides us with the unique opportunity to not only compare actuals to projections, but also to filter conditions that allow us to evaluate asset management staff, maintenance vendors and leasing efficiency with ease. The ability to present data from different perspectives with only a few clicks makes the Dashboard tool very valuable, leading to effective questions and real-time decision making.  The new tiered options will make it easier for even more people and small organizations to use IBM Cognos Analytics capabilities to drive better outcomes.”

In addition, IBM has updated the platform’s Compare Card capabilities to help make it easier for users to create compare cards that allows users to visually compare two similar items such as products or regions.  It supports different aggregation types and axes, which are now “sync-able” across different measures.

Among the new updates are Categorical targets for driver analysis. With this feature, advanced analytics visualizations can now determine the key drivers for items such as product line or employment status which are ‘categorical,’ as opposed to continuous numerical values.

Designed to get users up and running faster, Version 11.1.3 also comes with a new training module that enables clients to get started immediately on the cloud with a trial. Add up to four teammates to the trial and migrate the trial to the solution once it’s purchased.

Below is a summary of the new and enhanced features available in Cognos Analytics on Cloud.

Re-imagined Trial Experience Bring up to five teammates into your trial, use your own data or one of our sample sets, plus take your data with you when you convert to purchase.
New Tiered Offerings Standard ($15/user) – includes data preparation, Dashboards and stories, AI assistant and consumption of report outputs


Plus ($35/user)- adds Exploration capability to Standard tier

Premium ($70) – adds pixel perfect interactive reports with managed distribution to Plus tier

With tiers it is possible to mix and match subscriptions to make sure everyone in your organization has the data they need to do their jobs – from novices to power users.

New Getting Started Content The industry’s already talking about how easy it is to onboard onto Cognos Analytics’ platform, but a new tour overlay makes it even simpler.
Secure Gateways Connect your on-premises data securely to the cloud with a VPN gateway so that you can get the benefits of cloud without the security worries.


















Visit to learn more about Cognos Analytics on Cloud. While you’re there, be sure to check out the new product tour, where you can get a taste of what it’s like to use Cognos Analytics on Cloud on a smaller scale.