How IBM Cloud Pak for Data unifies & streamlines data analytics

By Kelly Nuckolls in IBM, Red Hat, Business Analytics, Cloud Pak for Data

To say that big data and its related analysis is a top priority for today’s enterprises would be a considerable understatement. Data is critical to success, enabling businesses to uncover insights and support better decision-making and company-wide improvements for efficiency, cost savings and beyond. 

However, many organizations are still working to progress the maturity of data analysis and business intelligence, and these initiatives require just the right tools. According to IBM research, the majority of businesses have already tackled cost reduction and modernization through operational data analytics, BI and data warehousing initiatives. Now, about 64% of enterprises are crossing over into insight-driven self-service analytics and the creation of new business models through transformative AI.

Although 90% of companies have increased investments for big data planned, and another 85% understand that AI is a strategic priority, only 15% of businesses can say that they get the value they need from their data initiatives. Compounding this issue is the fact that 80% of all company data is locked away in siloed databases, or otherwise not ready for analysis. 

As data continues to represent a strategic differentiator for enterprises, businesses need a solution that can help eliminate their most pressing analysis and AI pain points. Such a system could also unify and streamline the analysis process, making it easier for enterprises to pull valuable insights from their available data. 

Thankfully, this solution already exists in the form of IBM’s Cloud Pak™ for Data

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What exactly is the Cloud Pak for Data? 

Silos separating disparate information sources and databases are one of the main roadblocks on the road to successful analytics insights. The IBM Cloud Pak for Data resolves this issue head-on, by enabling users to connect to all of their data sources no matter where they are situated, locate and oversee the information stored there, and leverage these critical sources for analysis initiatives. 

As IBM’s Hemanth Manda explained, the Cloud Pak for Data is a hybrid, multi-cloud solution that helps unify data while incorporating all the benefits of a cloud solution. Currently, IBM offers four Cloud Paks centered around delivery for application workloads, and its Cloud Pak for Data is the fifth solution in this series. 

“Cloud Pak for Data System is based on Intel x86 and combines storage, computing, networking and software into a single system that can help businesses reduce complexity and increase horizontal scalability through the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform,” IBM’s Vikram Murali wrote. “Built-in data virtualization gives you access to data without the need to move it, so you can gain insights into your data within minutes. A single, unified console provides users seamless self-service to the platform’s data and AI capabilities. And it is open and extensible that can flexibly scale both up and down.” 

This unified platform is a game changer for enterprise IT and data analytics, and we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of the benefits it can offer today’s businesses. 

Key advantages of Cloud Pak for Data 

This system, built on industry-leading software and platform solutions from IBM and Red Hat, provides all the tools and capabilities that data engineers, data scientists, C-suite officers and IT teams need to simply and unify their data initiatives. 

Through Cloud Pak for Data, users can: 

  • Streamline and simplify data collection, ensuring that all key sources of information are accessible for analysis and that siloes are effectively eliminated. 
  • Improve data organization, enabling users to quickly and easily establish a business-ready foundation for their analytics projects. 
  • Support data trust and transparency through AI-support scalability and data analysis. 
  • Customize and tailor the data landscape within a Red Hat-supported open architecture that can scale alongside the business’s needs. 

Leading researchers also pointed out in their Q1 2019 Forrester Wave: Enterprise Insight Platforms report that thanks to IBM’s pre-integrated capabilities, businesses can get the Cloud Pak for Data solution up and running in about a week, or less. This streamlines and reduces complexity with data and analysis initiatives even further, making a huge difference for organizations looking to capitalize on analysis insights as quickly as possible. 

However, one of the most attractive elements of the product is the fact that it brings a whole host of data collection, organization, analysis, AI and other features together within a single, unified platform that is accessible through the cloud. In this way, data scientists, engineers and other stakeholders don’t have to be on the company’s premises to access data sources or perform data-reliant tasks. 

“It’s a very exciting product,” noted James Wade, GuideWell Director of Application Hosting and IBM Cloud Pak for Data user. “You have a lot of things that a lot of different companies are doing, molded into one technology suite.” 

Bringing IBM and Red Hat capabilities together within a single, intelligent and intuitive cloud-based data solution is a win for today’s businesses. And the advantages here only grow when companies combine this solution with the knowledge and expertise of IBM Gold Partner Grandview. 

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