How IBM Cloud Pak for Data System delivers rapid value to data-driven businesses

By IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub in IBM, Red Hat, Watson, Cloud Pak for Data

On the heels of the announcement of IBM Cloud Paks, we just introduced IBM Cloud Pak for Data System, a hyperconverged system for the IBM data and AI platform. Cloud Pak for Data System is based on Intel x86 and combines storage, computing, networking and software into a single system that can help businesses reduce complexity and increases horizontal scalability through the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

Built-in data virtualization gives you access to data without the need to move it, so you can gain insights into your data within minutes. A single, unified console provides users seamless self-service to the platform’s data and AI capabilities.  And it is open and extensible that can flexibly scale both up and down. It is as simple as using an app store: select your preferred data and AI microservices and add them to the platform. Then adjust the microservices you use as your needs and workloads change. 

We built Cloud Pak for Data System to maximize performance and ease-of-use. The system can be up and running in under four hours. Hardware nodes that slide into a rack are automatically discovered and provisioned. Adding software is simple. Everything is containerized to support continuous integration and continuous delivery. Not only is it a plug-and-play approach but also plug-and-grow.

In addition to performance and ease-of-use, IBM also recognizes the importance of flexibility and choice for our customers:

  • We deliver a cloud-native architecture based on the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, an industry-leading container orchestration platform for Kubernetes, to provide an agile microservices architecture that can address our clients’ current and future workloads
  • We deliver true hybrid multicloud support to our clients, across public and private cloud deployments, as well as on high-performance, hyperconverged systems such as Cloud Pak for Data System
  • We are committed to open source and helping businesses to leverage the best open source technologies, strengthened by our recent acquisition of Red Hat

We are also pleased to announce that Cloud Pak for Data System now features a new capability for Postgres workloads—the IBM Performance Server for PostgreSQL. This feature is highly compatible with PostgreSQL because it is built on it. But just as importantly offers 100 percent IBM PureData for Analytics (PDA) compatibility with no migration or application changes required. Based on internal performance testing, it can achieve three times the performance of legacy PDA Systems with just one-fifth the footprint and half the power consumption.

To leverage this new capability, clients who have purchased Cloud Pak for Data System can simply add 128 Virtual Processor Cores (VPC) increments to support these Postgres workloads.

We are excited to offer this new functionality to Cloud Pak for Data System and will continue to invest in bringing our clients new capabilities to support their success with data and AI. 

Explore how IBM Cloud Pak for Data System can help you collect, organize and analyze your data. If you’re ready to learn how to accelerate your journey to AI, join us in Miami at the Data and AI Forum.