Create an Automated Connection between Cognos Analytics, Adobe Acrobat & Microsoft PPT

By Kelly Nuckolls in IBM, Managed Reporting, Business Analytics, Cognos Analytics, Expertise

Powered by your FP&A organization’s latest forecasts, plans and actuals, the Board Book Accelerator for Cognos Analytics by Grandview supports an automated data connection between Cognos Analytics reports, Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft PowerPoint file formats. 

When finance leaders were asked how they would use an additional day per week, 44.5% responded that they would use the extra day to provide insights into the business. This response, in the 2017 Private Company Business Trends and Insights Survey, indicates that while finance leaders recognize the importance of analysis, they do not have the time to devote to it.  

Increasing shareholder activism, high visibility board failures and expanding regulatory demands are driving increased expectations of board performance. This puts more pressure on finance and accounting professionals to provide precise financial and operational reporting communicated crisply to internal as well as external stakeholders. However, these systems, processes and culture are often challenged by:  

  • Time-consuming and inefficient processes 
  • Inconsistent and inaccurate data 
  • A lack of transparency that undermines data governance

Automation has the potential to fast-track a CFOs’ digital transformation efforts, putting them on a path to unveiling faster, higher-quality insights. Most finance professionals think of automation tools as a way to save time, but such tools can deliver an even greater value – namely, reduced risk. Automating any process reduces the likelihood of user error. In addition, automating common accounting tasks opens up the possibility of real-time reporting, which means finance teams can catch potential problems and resolve them while they’re still fairly minor.  

When people have the right information, when it is consistent and accessible across all business entities, it will have a measurable and profound impact on your financial outcomes. 

Whether it be for planning, reporting or analysis, IBM Cognos solutions have the capability to deliver the data that can differentiate your organization from the competition. IBM’s AI-infused solution, Cognos Analytics, enables organizations to uncover information that may not be obvious or expected, using pattern detection and machine learning. It also allows for the creation of stunning, system-recommended visualizations in diverse formats.  

Efficient, accurate reporting is key. 

Grandview’s Board Book Accelerator integrates your organization’s planning and consolidation data directly from your IBM Cognos reports to Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft PowerPoint. It's never been easier to create or update financial reports with your latest actuals, plans, and forecasts. Select dimensions, accounts, and time periods, and then build always formatted, always up-to-date balance sheets, P&Ls, income statements, narrative reports, board packs and presentations. 

There's no more need to reapply formatting when you refresh reports. Our board and external reporting capability automatically incorporates refreshed data into existing calculations and formatting. No more late nights building the latest board book or report for the CFO. With comprehensive connectively with IBM Cognos, FP&A teams can create powerful reports, presentations and sheets with live data, reducing financial reporting process from days to minutes! 

There’s no need to manually re-key, copy, paste or reformat after each update. Your data actively flows from financial reports to board books to management presentations. The result: attractive, consistently up-to-date, and comprehensive reports that allow you to focus more time on making informed decisions that drive your business.  

With Grandview’s Board Book Accelerator extension for IBM Cognos, your web, PDF, Excel, Word and PPT reports are always connected and, more importantly, always current.  

  • Mitigate Errors & Control Risk – Accurate reporting requires solid financial processes and systems to ensure control and consistency across the enterprise. 
  • Make Confident Decisions – Rapid delivery of financial and operating results enables managers and staff to spot trends, perform analysis, discuss and evaluate decisions or opportunities that can impact future performance and the bottom line. 
  • Build Trust Internally & Externally  Timely, accurate financial reporting instills trust from key stakeholders. This includes management, board members, investors and financial markets.