Together - We’ll Come Out Stronger Than Ever

By Steve Johnson, Grandview, Chief Operating Officer in ComingOutStronger

As you know, I limit my posts as I can relate to your hectic schedules and wish to always be respectful of your time. However, given the most recent challenges that we all must address, I feel compelled to share a few thoughts. 

When fighting an invisible enemy, our natural human instinct is to be concerned and protective of those who are important to us, our families, friends, professional teams and organizations. In many instances, what starts as a justified concern, escalates into fear, sometimes to the point of paralyzing us. On a personal health level, it is everyone’s responsibility to take every reasonable precaution to not spread the virus. Determining what actions to take professionally can be even more challenging. 

A couple of lessons I was fortunate enough to learn years ago (yes, I am long in the tooth) come to mind.  The first is the circle of control:  Each of us has a level of control and influence in our personal lives and our organizations.  In many instances, we obsess over the problem rather than shifting our time and energy to focus on potential solutions to the problem. We often waste valuable cycles dwelling on what’s wrong rather than determining our best path to correct the issue. The second lesson is don’t lose the lesson: Every crisis we face presents us with an opportunity to grow and learn from that very crisis. What and how will we learn from this crisis? If we challenge ourselves by asking these questions, we will not only get through this, but come out of this much stronger, individually, as a team and stronger as an organization. 

If we had to face today’s challenges 10 to 20 years ago, it would have taken a significant effort simply to “get your arms” around what must be done. Thankfully, that is no longer the case. The noise can be stripped away, and we can more quickly model real data to manage our risk, optimize our resources and ensure that we weather this storm. Our Grandview team of experts can leverage the latest in analytics technology to assist you in identifying and making the best decisions for your organization. The Grandview team is happy to offer assistance during this challenging time in a variety of ways and in a manner that helps our friends without trying to capitalize on a situation that we all face together. 

In the interim, please keep the faith and stay strong!